The Next Internet Transformations

Back when I first started this blog, I decided to focus on the transformational aspect of our times as my topical foundation. So, when I read “Four industries about to be transformed by the Internet” by Jason Hiner, I knew I had to include in my blog’s collection of new trends, observations, and predictions for the future.

Of particular note, businesses large and small will want to pay close attention to the fourth point discussing digital wallets. Seems with the impressive growth in smartphones, visionaries are developing and testing new ways consumers can pay for goods and services in more efficient and varied ways.

Saving time and money is the name of our capitalistic market game, just think about how the Internet has changed business advertising and marketing trends. Here is another link with a comprehensive list of sites and services available on the Internet, “20 Weeks or less to Internet Savvy: Changing Your Life with the Internet“. Well, fasten your seat belts, things look to be ready for another leap into new frontiers.

What other new transformations do you see on the horizon?


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